About Oasis Trail Covers

Like you, we weren't made for traversing paved surfaces. We seek rocky canyons, sandy beaches and muddy bogs.

Meet Our

Fearless Leader!

As a life long “Jeeper,” I know that the true freedom Jeep offers is the ability to leave the doors at home. There is nothing like the feeling of watching the asphalt below you as you travel down a long back road, or the smell of nature as you ride a new trail. 

I invented a cover that was easy to deploy, took up little to no room in my Jeep, is so convenient that I couldn’t forget it, and was affordable. 

- Alan Howard, Inventor & Co-Owner, Oasis Trail Covers

Hard work and Determination

Get Things Done

At a young age I learned that hard work is the best work. I took that lesson to heart, and have started multiple businesses and helped entrepreneurs like Alan have what they need to make a great idea a reality.

It's a simple concept, but needed intricate and technical perfection to make it right. We built a state-of-the-art facility to manufacture Oasis Trail Covers, and every stitch and strap reminds us that we did it right.

- Will Jenkins, Investor & Co-Owner, Oasis Trail Covers