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Trail Gear Oasis

Jeep Gladiator Package

Jeep Gladiator Package

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This package includes both the Trail Cover & Tailgate Tent and the Jeep Gladiator Extension Tent
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Every Order Includes

✔️ One Oasis Defender
✔️ Tailgate Tent & Rain Cover
✔️ Ground Screw Spikes (6)
✔️ Collapsable Tent Pole
✔️ Tie Down Ropes
✔️ Fillable Sandbags (6)

Tailgate Tent Use

Using the Oasis Trail Tent is extremely simple. For any individual who has used a tent, the assembly process will be self-explanatory. If you need a little extra help, follow these simple instructions!


Rain Cover Use

Keep your seats dry and clean. Your 2-in-1 tent can be used as a waterproof rain cover. Follow these instructions to cover your vehicle in minutes.


Mounting Instructions

Make sure you mount your Oasis Trail Tent correctly, follow this simple guide to get the perfect mount!